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Do you want to do better than you did last year
starting right now?

Looking to find a way to have greater impact
and make more money?

Want support to stay on track, but not sure you can afford it?


I have the answer and I am going to share it with you now!

Interested and ready to KICK IT UP?!?

First, let me commend you for what you HAVE done. KickItUp Business Planning

You have a vision.

You have some of the details about how you want to achieve that vision.

And you are working hard, everyday, doing the things you have been told and what you see working for others.

But those things are not working for you! How frustrating!?!

Let me ask you a question:

How will it feel if you get to the end of this year and have EXACTLY the same results you did last year?

The reason that your efforts are not working for you when you can see them working for others is that you are missing a key ingredient:


Strategy is the ingredient that brings all of the pieces together and gives them meaning.
Without the strategy, you just have random pieces.
veggie soup


I am a foodie and so I liken "strategy" to the broth in your soup. Without the broth, you just have a bunch of vegetables. But the broth not only gives the soup a base for consumption, it also adds in all the flavor and makes it taste good.

Don't you want the broth in your soup? Really, don't you want your target market to experience all the flavor and consistency that you bring to this world?

I digress....let's get off food and get back to the reason you are still reading.

There are a few TRUTHS that I feel are important in this conversation.

  • You need to know where you want to go. So many people aren't clear about their goals. Their goals aren't specific and measurable, even though they know they have a mission to change the world!
  • You need a plan to get there. You can probably still get there without a good plan, but it is more likely that you will probably kill yourself before you achieve success...and definitely before you are able to change the world.
  • You need to be strategic. Without a solid strategy, the best plans can be frustrating, overwhelming and quite frankly, ineffective to get you to your long-term goals.
Therese Skelly

"Wow!  You have been an amazing blessing in my business.  So many times I have come to you in ‘pre-launch’ mode with what I thought was a great plan. But once you ran it through your systems and processes, it became so much more powerful.  It's amazing your ability to think strategically and see how things link together as well as always hold the bigger picture in place for me. I have made much more money because of your magic touch!  Thanks!!"

Therese Skelly
Money Mindset Mentor & Business Coach


You are probably asking yourself, "who is this chick who thinks she knows what I am doing wrong?!"

I have been around the block a few times. I have my degrees in communication and marketing. But my REAL knowledge has come from the school of Hard Knocks.


I have been a business owner since 1987. I have owned 8 businesses and have supported hundreds of businesses and their owners in achieving success. I have owned a furniture store, an estate-buying business, a café and a full service marketing agency, just to name a few. Since 2003, I have focused my energies exclusively in online marketing as it relates to business coaches and consultants.


But I wasn't always successful. And it definitely wasn't always easy.marypat headshot


I have learned the hard way what works and what doesn't. And in the last few years, I have honed some of the tools and systems that are necessary for success in business to create something simple, user-friendly and effective.


No hidden agenda. Today, I am offering you a simple, one-page business plan that is inclusive of your vision, your market, your goals, your strategies and even your success celebrations.

This is the same plan that I create with my high-level clients who pay me lots of money and my coaching clients who are really depending on my direction to build a successful business. Neither can afford to waste a minute of time or money.

And I will walk you through each of the 5 SIMPLE STEPS to create a document that will support you and your team and your conversations for creating your goals!






As I mentioned above, one of the most important tools that I use in MY business as well as ALL my clients is my One Page Business Plan. Yes, I really use it with all of my clients, no matter the business, no matter the size.


It is the foundational tool that supports building the business you want and achieving the goals that you are working so hard for.



In this program, I walk you through creating your one page plan in just 90 minutes!


And it includes exactly what you need in your plan and how to lay out the perfect plan for success this next year!


This isn't just a regular plan. It is so much more!


As you may know, I don't believe in big plans that takes months to create, hundreds of hours even, and then you never look at them again….or at least not until next December when you are reviewing what you wanted to create for the year and what you actually created.


This is a working plan!


It is a document that you will use DAILY and reference for:

  • Your marketing message
  • Developing your team with the right people
  • Having strategic, effective joint venture conversations
  • Staying on track with your vision, your goals & your top strategies!
  • Celebrating your successes!


In this program, you will get:

  • 90 minute TRAINING where I walk you through, step-by-step, this simple process that lays out all the details you need for a strategic plan
  • 60 minute recap and question and answer call
  • Workbook that you can use to follow the paint-by-numbers process or as a customizable template for your own plan
  • Template for the One-Page Business Plan so you can fill in the blanks

Heather Laughter

"MaryPat has a way of clearing away all the extraneous stuff that I let get in my way and she cuts to the chase. She can see a vision for me and my business better than I can myself, and provides the incredibly effective combination of clear, creative vision and simple, structured systems. Her marketing knowledge and connections are unbeatable, too!"

Heather Laughter,


Karen Dennison

"I have worked with MaryPat for several years. She has walked me through business plans, business focus shifts and business start-ups. I find her help and support invaluable. MaryPat has a good foundation of marketing knowledge at her fingertips. She understands the ins and out of marketing both from an online perspective as well as offline strategies. I truly appreciate MaryPat’s talent for creating and sharing systems. She has many schedules, organizational charts and tools at her fingertips. She has worked with me in setting up expectations and planning out how to accomplish those goals, step by step. She keeps me on track, reminding me of what I still need to get done and celebrating what goals have been met. She also offers a good kick in the behind, when discouragement sets in, as it sometimes does. I highly recommend MaryPat, as a coach, a collaborator and as a mentor."

Karen Dennison,






I work mostly with consultants, coaches and trainers who have a mission. But I have used this same process with non-profit organizations, restaurants, start-ups and even experts who have been in business for over 30 years.


If you have a VISION and some highlights about HOW or WHAT you want to do in the next 6-12 months, then this is the perfect program for you. We will take your vision and your highlights or milestones and lay them into a strategic plan that is simple to create and simpler to follow.




If you have no idea about your vision, then you are not ready for this planning session. We might be able to have a special strategy session and get you on track. If you are interested, email me.




If you are unclear about your target market, then this is not for you. Again, please email me about a private session so we can evaluate where you are at, where you want to go WITH WHO, and we can get you some direction here.




If you are willing to block out the time in your calendar and do the work (it is a total of 1.5 hours if you listen to the whole training call--not very much to insure increased results and a happier life in 2013), you will walk away with all the tools you need AND the knowledge about those tools to get better results in 2013.



In a nutshell, my promise to you:


I promise that with the right guidance, the right strategy, and the right support, you will have foundation that you need to succeed in your business and your life. After that, it is dependent on your willingness to take strategic action.


If you COMMIT to this program, attend and listen to all of the workshop classes and do the work, then I will COMMIT TO YOU.


I don't really want to work with people who are not motivated and looking for another excuse as to why their business is not working for them. I have worked with enough of those people to know I don't ever want to do it again.


But if you are willing to do the work and are interested in possible new ways of thinking and doing--all which will support who you are at the core--then I think we might be a match.


Let me know if you have questions.


And here's to a money-packed, purposeful  New Year!


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MaryPat Kavanagh


P.S. Seriously, if you aren't willing to plan, then you aren't serious about your business. When are you ready to start getting serious about your business?

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